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**NEW bestselling game for GameBoy**

Pokemon Trading Card Game for Gameboy
Based on the hit strategy card game by Wizards of the Coast! Collect, trade, and duel with your favorite Pokémon trading cards in your quest to defeat the four Grand Masters!

Pokemon Blue

Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Red are the first titles ever to combine the adventure of a role-playing game (RPG) with elements of raising a virtual pet monster, collecting/trading and two-player battling. There are 150 different monsters to find, collect and trade. Players begin with one monster, raising and training it to become strong enough to weaken and capture other monsters to build their collection. Players build a portfolio of monsters by discovering them in the game environments or trading with fellow players.

New release! Pokemon for Nintedo!

Pokemon Stadium for Nintendo Pokémon trainers, here's a limited edition bundle that has everything you need to start gaming on the Nintendo 64--all for one low price. Take a deep breath, because this package includes the Nintendo 64 console, one Atomic Purple controller, one gray controller, and the N64 Transfer Pak...plus the Pokémon Stadium game, Trainers Guide, Pokémon poster, and a trading card.

Pokemon Snap for Nintendo 64 - The first-ever N64 game to feature the world-famous Pokemon - fully rendered in 3-D! Explore the many environments of Pokemon Island, like the sunny beach, the mysterious caves, and even a red-hot volcano! Many different types of Pokemon inhabit the island.

Game Boy Color and Game Boy Pocket available in nine different colors!

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GameShark is the ultimate game enhancer for use with the Playstation, Nintendo, Game Boy or Windows video games. With Game Shark, you can take your gaming to new levels of fun and excitement. Gain access to new levels and weapons with the press of a button. Even the odds with infinite health, endless ammo and unlimited time. Now you can highlight the enhancement codes you want and start playing like never before! In no time, you'll be hacking your own codes and breathing new life into your video game titles. Obtain those hard-to-find objects with ease. Game Shark takes you where you want to go!


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